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In the pursuit of innovative solutions for producers and animals, Phytobiotics follows an innate curiosity with boldness and bravery to uncover genius.

Big talk? Well, here’s the background.   

We started with curiosity. The idea of feed additives and trace minerals was not new. For years before, companies had brought many different products in many different forms to the animal nutrition market. However, at Phytobiotics, we could sense there was still work to be done and questions to be answered. We did not want to follow the status quo. Instead, we would reimagine the assumed. 

Phytobiotics is extremely advantaged to have connections, colleagues and academics all around the world. We truly believe that working together, we achieve excellence through global shared learning experiences.

It was decided that we would bring together a group of our best minds to re-evaluate our trace mineral portfolio. With new ideas for new solutions, we quickly began working towards state-of-the-art execution and production. This required our team to be bold and to be brave

How do we pull it off? A new premium quality product that delivers the next generation of trace minerals at an affordable price. 

Plexomin® Bis-Glycinates  utilize state-of-the-art, tailor-made and sustainable technology to bring highly bioavailable organic trace minerals to the market. 


Proteinate trace minerals of the past had to undergo partial digestion at the start, as the animals’ body can only absorb a maximum of three interlinked amino acids (AAs). During this digestion process, the mineral often ended up released from the proteinate, jeopardizing the benefit of the connection to the protein.

So, companies started making complexes with single AAs. These complexes have a single bond from the ligand (often glycine or lysine) to the mineral and often have an anion, like sulfate, attached to the mineral next to the AA. Due to their small size, they have a higher bioavailability than proteinates. But, for us, this wasn’t good enough. 

And so we unlocked genius

Our Plexomin® products constitute the latest generation of organic trace minerals, consisting of high quality minerals (Cu and Zn) chelated to two molecules of the AA glycine. Due to their ring structure, they are extremely stable over a wide pH range, while maintaining high bioavailability.

The new Bis-Glycinate is possible with our patented, state-of-the-art High-Pressure Fusion (HPF) Technology.

This HPF process is based on a mechanochemical reaction between the amino acid glycine and the minerals zinc or copper. Organic minerals made using High-Pressure Fusion Technology have outstanding mineral content and high bioavailability. 

We also ensure a premium quality by holding ourselves to world-renowned German quality standards. We are proud of our roots in Eltville, Germany, and will not put the Phytobiotics name on anything less than exceptional. 

Our quality management system helps ensure that our Plexomin® products are produced   with the utmost integrity and are backed by evidence. Certified in FAMI-QS and HACCP, we guarantee that our products have a 100% traceability.

In 2019 the construction of a modern production facility like no other began in Bavaria, Germany. We own the Plexomin® production process from start to finish. With full control of manufacturing, we can ensure not only that our production and verification processes are held to the highest regard, but also that we have control over our impact on the environment. 

We are always thinking forward at Phytobiotics, not only for our customers but for our planet. None of these state-of-the-art technologies or groundbreaking scientific discoveries matter if we don’t have a healthy planet to support our animals and people. We purposefully built our new production facility with sustainability at top-of-mind, recycling energy from existing product flows to create a reusable energy cycle.

In the end, Plexomin® minerals are a better solution for the environment, our customers and their animals. With a unique and original formula made by one-of-a-kind technology, we take organic trace minerals to the next level.

Download our Plexomin® product brochure here  and  be sure to watch our production extension video below. 

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