Foliar Nutrition

Solution For:  Crops

Foliar nutrition is an efficient strategy to correct deficiencies during periods of fast plant growth. Folia-IQ products are highly bioavailable   minerals  bound with glycine.

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Solution For:  Crops

Foliar fertilizers are an efficient alternative to correct deficiencies during periods
of fast plant growth. Folia-IQ products are highly bioavailable foliar fertilizers
chelated with glycine.

Results You Can See

Folia-IQ is a family of micronutrients designed for use in agronomic applications. Using amino acid chelation technology, Folia-IQ delivers essential nutrition into and throughout the plant. Efficient absorption of micronutrients through the leaves, at the right time, can help support  plant health during periods of environmental stresses and help maximize production.

Iowa Soybean Association Trials | 2019

+21.6 bu – Corn
Zn @V4: Rate (oz/acre) 4.28
SE Iowa (both harvest and sat img)

Dark Green = 198 bushels
Red = 140 bushels


How It Works

Folia-IQ uses the smallest amino acid, glycine,  for  chelation. The small size and neutral molecular
charge of glycine enables it to enter the plant easily, carrying the micronutrients with it.

29% Zn

  29% Cu

22% Mn


20% Fe


Less Is More

Once absorbed into the leaf, glycine and the attached micronutrients 
are translocated through the plant so lower application rates can be used.

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  • Readily bioavailable foliar micronutrients
  • Shown to assimilate and translocate
  • High mineral content among chelated products
  • Supports plant growth, health and genetic yield potential
  • Environmentally responsible with lower application rates

2019 Yield Results

We are firm believers  in obtaining  product performance results via third party research and on-farm demonstrations.

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