Phytobiotics North America, LLC Team

Phytobiotics North America, LLC, collectively represents more than 100+ years of experience for world-class animal health companies. Our approach with customers is to first ask why, in seeking to understand our customer’s business. Then, delve into what and how we could offer a unique solution for their needs.

Alex Zocche

Managing Director

I desire to leave a legacy to my family, friends, and coworkers. To lead by example by running a fair business while developing relationships and trust between our company and our customers.

Marcos Rostagno

Business Operations Leader

I strive to always do my best, and to support others succeed. Continuous personal and professional development through new experiences and interactions with people with different expertise and background are what I enjoy to do.

Angie Taylor

Financial Leader

I believe my journey has led me to here: to a place that I can use my skills and experience to work with a team developing a healthy, successful business.  I cannot express a joy it is to work with and get to know this team and to have my daughter say to me “Mom,
how do I get a job like yours one day?” Bless this company and
these people.

Lou Shaban

Business Intelligence Advisor

Sales and Marketing professional with extensive experience in diverse operational areas for world-class animal health and nutrition companies. Adept at distilling technical information into key marketing messaging consistent across platforms. Collaborative approach working cross-functionally both internally and externally.

Flavio Ribeiro

Ruminants & Swine
Business Leader

I love to help livestock producers. To assist them to be more efficient and assist them to produce a better product has always been my goal.

Grant Hansen

Crop Account Manager

It’s a privilege to be a part of a movement that is improving the quality of our food, reducing environmental impact, and making production profitable enough for current and future generations of farmers. I also believe that everybody wins when we take our time to understand and serve
one another.

Will Varner

Poultry Account Manager

I strive to build rapport with my coworkers and customers that will deliver the best service I can. I believe this foundation drives sound and transparent business relationships.

Tom Bruin

Poultry Account Manager

I have been involved with poultry focusing on turkeys for more than 40 years. I have always enjoyed working with the people who make up the Poultry industry. Over the years I have liked helping them solve their problems to produce an efficient healthy birds. I have worked as sales and technical service representative, a medication and purchasing manager and a poultry business development manager

Hannah Lunsford

Quality & Regulatory Specialist

I hope that through the laying of a concrete foundation for my career, I have a platform where I can experience self-growth and help spread light in a positive, confident manner to those around me. It is a personal goal of mine to always strive to be the best version of myself, and the people that
make up our team push and
help me do that.

Geoff Helderman

Marketing Communications Specialist

I love what I do because every day
I get to use my creativity to influence decisions and emotions. Whether it is through art, music, or design, at the end of the day, if I’ve made you feel something, I have succeeded in my goals.

Karen King

Product Logistics Manager

I love helping our team behind the scenes as well helping our customers. At Phytobiotics, our customer focused mindset means we want to build long term relationships with our customers. Every  step  from  the initial call, to tracking shipments, and following up is an essential part in what makes makes me excited about customer service and logistics management. 

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