Organic Trace Minerals

Solution For: Poultry | Swine | Ruminants

Delivering highly stable, bioavailable, trace minerals
bound to amino acids in a granulated form

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Solution For: Poultry | Swine | Ruminants

Phytobiotics is taking organic trace minerals to the next level. Delivering highly
stable, bioavailable trace minerals bound to amino acids in a granulated form.

Importance of Trace Minerals
in Animal Nutrition

Adequate trace mineral supply is required for a variety of metabolic functions including growth, health, immune response
and reproduction. Modern animal production systems demand high performance nutrition. Organic trace minerals bound
to amino acids offer higher bioavailability in comparison to inorganic minerals.


Consistent, Reliable, Trusted Products

Plexomin offers outstanding solutions to support the nutrition of all animals. All Plexomin products are
uniformly granulated and free-flowing to ensure easy handling and accuracy in mixing.

Plexomin Zn

Bis-glycinate chelate delivering 29% Zinc

Phytobiotics’ organically bound zinc has a minimum mineral content of 29%. Plexomin® Zinc’s intrinsic stability is derived from being bound to two glycine molecules. This ensures that the molecule stays intact during feed processing and in the gastrointestinal tract. Studies show that Plexomin® significantly increased (p<0.05) Zinc digestibility compared to other sources. (Data on file)

Plexomin Cu

Bis-glycinate chelate delivering 29% Copper

In our copper product the trace mineral is organically bound to the amino acid glycine, releasing a minimum copper content of 29%. High stability and bioavailability are distinctive features of Plexomin® Cu.

Plexomin L-Mn

Manganese lysinate complex providing
16% Mn and 45% lysine

Plexomin® L-Mn contains organically bound manganese by the amino
acid lysine with a minimum mineral content of 16%. This product also
delivers 45% lysine.

Plexomin L-Fe

Iron lysinate complex providing
15% Fe and 40% lysine

Our organically bound iron has a minimum mineral content of 15% and additionally supplies 40% lysine. The uniformity of the granules produced during manufacturing provides a free-flowing, dust-free product with good mixability, minimizing bridging potential.

A new standard for
organic trace minerals

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